AI piloting of UAS: advances from Kratos and Shield AI

Kratos AI

Discover how Kratos and Shield AI are revolutionizing the field of unmanned aerial systems with significant advances in artificial intelligence piloting.

In defense and security, technological innovation is an essential pillar for anticipating and responding effectively to contemporary challenges. This article explores the remarkable advances made by Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. and Shield AI, Inc. in the development and integration of artificial intelligence (AI)-based automated piloting systems for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

The evolution of AI piloting in defense

The development and integration of AI into UAS represents a revolution in defense operations, offering enhanced capabilities for autonomous missions. The progress made by Shield AI with its AI pilot, Hivemind, illustrates this transformation. By integrating Hivemind into various classes of aircraft, including the Kratos Tactical Firejet, Shield AI is demonstrating the flexibility and safety of its AI pilot system.

AI piloting by Shield AI: a step into the future

Shield AI has taken a significant step forward with the successful integration of its AI pilot, Hivemind, on the Kratos Tactical Firejet. This achievement is not isolated; it is part of a series of successes including the autonomous piloting of three classes of quadricopters, the MQ-35A V-BAT, and the F-16 during air combat training. Hivemind’s ability to adapt quickly to different airborne platforms underlines the effectiveness of Shield AI’s investment in developing tools, infrastructure and pipelines dedicated to autonomy and AI.

Kratos AI

Kratos and Shield AI: A strategic collaboration

The collaboration between Kratos and Shield AI reveals the importance of strategic partnerships in defense innovation. The integration of AI into Kratos UAS is just the beginning of a series of initiatives to develop technically advanced mission solutions. The Firejet serves as a milestone, demonstrating the potential of affordable yet highly capable UAS systems in a range of military applications, from training to operational deployment.

Firejet: a versatile UAS system

The Kratos Firejet illustrates the versatility of modern UAS. Designed for a variety of missions, from weapons training to offensive/defensive, the Firejet is a cost-effective solution for simulating threats and improving operational efficiency without risking the lives of combatants. Its price of less than €500,000 per aircraft, combined with substantial capabilities in terms of mission systems and performance, makes it particularly attractive to armed forces.

Shield AI: Mission and vision

Founded in 2015, Shield AI’s mission is to protect military and civilian personnel with intelligent systems. Building the world’s best AI pilot is testament to this ambition. Shield AI’s experience, spanning a diverse range of drones and aircraft, highlights its commitment to innovation in the defense sector. Its efforts to deploy AI solutions in the field enhance the operational capability of the US armed forces and their allies.

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.: technology for defense

Kratos is distinguished by its innovative approach to developing technologies, products, systems and software for the defense, homeland security and commercial markets. The company is committed to reducing costs, lead times and risks through the use of proven technologies, contributing to the speed and efficiency of bringing competitive solutions to market.

The advances made by Kratos and Shield AI in integrating AI into UAS represent a significant step towards increasing autonomous capabilities in the defense sector. This collaboration highlights the importance of technological innovation in addressing contemporary security challenges, offering advanced solutions that enhance military and civilian safety.

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