Americans want to arm Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

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Discover the detailed analysis of the Ronald Reagan Institute poll on public support for arming Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, and its geopolitical implications.

The Ronald Reagan Institute’s annual poll reveals considerable public support for arming Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. This trend reflects a complex geopolitical perspective, influencing U.S. defense policies and international relations.

The dynamics of international security are often at the center of political and public debate, especially in times of heightened tension. The Ronald Reagan Institute’s annual poll, conducted between October and November 2023, highlighted significant support among the American public for arming Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. This support takes place in a complex geopolitical context and has profound implications for U.S. foreign and defense policy.

Poll analysis

General support

  • Ukraine: The poll found that 59% of respondents support US military aid to Ukraine, against 30% who oppose it. This figure rises to 67% when presented in the context of the Reagan Doctrine, which promises to support allies against aggressors.
  • Israel and Taiwan: Similarly, support for arming Israel and Taiwan is also high, especially when the question is asked in the context of the Reagan Doctrine. Political parties
    A plurality of Republicans and a majority of Democrats support US military assistance to Ukraine. This cross-party support is noteworthy in the current political context.

Geopolitical context

Ukraine and Aggression
Ukraine, in the grip of external aggression, represents a special case where American support is seen as crucial to the defense of sovereignty and democracy.

Israel and Taiwan
Support for Israel and Taiwan is part of a long tradition of strategic partnership. Taiwan, in particular, represents a focal point in tensions between the United States and China.

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Potential consequences

Strengthening Alliances
Asserted support for these nations could strengthen U.S. strategic alliances, but also provoke tensions with adversaries such as Russia and China.

Budgetary implications
Biden’s request for $106 billion in additional funding for these initiatives raises important budgetary questions, especially in a context of capped military spending.

Internal political debates
Negotiations in Congress around this financial package are complex, reflecting internal tensions over issues such as aid to Ukraine and U.S. border policies.

Impact on Defense Policy

Increased military spending
77% of respondents favor increased military spending, suggesting public support for a more robust defense posture.

Military capabilities
67% of respondents express concern about reduced military capabilities in the event of budget cuts.

Other Survey Trends

Intervention in Mexico
A new question concerning U.S. military action in Mexico against drug cartels shows limited support (41% favorable), reflecting the complexity of military interventions abroad.

The Ronald Reagan Institute poll highlights strong public support in the US for arming Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, illustrating an evolving geopolitical perspective and a willingness to support key allies. This support, however, must be balanced with budgetary, political and strategic considerations, while taking into account the global implications for international relations and regional stability.

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