Lockheed Martin unveils Mako hypersonic missile

Lockheed Martin unveils Mako hypersonic missile

Lockheed Martin presents the Mako, a multi-mission hypersonic missile compatible with the F-35, promising to significantly expand operational capabilities.

Presentation of the Mako missile

Lockheed Martin, in collaboration with CoAspire, unveiled the new Mako multi-mission hypersonic missile at Sea Air Space 2024. Originally designed for the U.S. Air Force’s Stand In Attack Weapon (SiAW) program with internal funding, the company is now offering the weapon to the U.S. Navy for use by shipborne aircraft. Capable of striking both land and sea targets, the Mako is a versatile weapon for a wide range of missions.

The Mako’s versatility

The Mako missile is distinguished by its ability to be deployed from a number of airborne platforms, including the F-35, F-22, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, and P-8, as well as any aircraft equipped with 30-inch carry points, such as the BRU-32 ejection rack. A model of the Mako was on display, illustrating its use by an F-35 Lightning II, capable of carrying four Mako external and two internal missiles, a first for a hypersonic weapon compatible with a 5th generation aircraft.

Lockheed Martin unveils Mako hypersonic missile

Expanding F-35 capabilities

The integration of the Mako into the F-35 would represent a significant step forward, as none of the hypersonic weapons currently under development can be carried inside the F-35’s weapons bay. The ability to carry an internal hypersonic weapon would greatly expand the operational capabilities of this stealth aircraft.

Mako features and performance

Although little information is available on the exact specifications of the Mako, it is mentioned that the missile features multiple guidance methods and can reach speeds in excess of Mach 5. Fit checks have been carried out electronically and then physically on various fighter jets and maritime patrol aircraft, confirming the Mako’s compatibility with a wide range of aircraft.

The development of the Mako missile by Lockheed Martin in collaboration with CoAspire marks a significant evolution in hypersonic weapons technology, offering a new dimension of versatility and offensive capability to US air forces and potentially to their allies. This technological breakthrough promises to enhance air superiority while contributing to deterrence and defense strategy.

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