LR-PGK from BAE Systems: Advanced Anti-Jamming Solution

LR-PGK from BAE Systems

Discover BAE Systems’ LR-PGK, the advanced anti-jamming technology that guarantees effective military operations despite EW threats.

In today’s ever-changing battlefields, control of the electromagnetic spectrum is crucial. Faced with adversaries capable of deploying sophisticated electronic warfare technologies, American armed forces must constantly innovate to preserve their supremacy. BAE Systems, aware of this reality, has developed the Long Range Precision Guidance Kit (LR-PGK), a state-of-the-art solution designed to effectively counter jamming threats and ensure unrivalled precision in the use of artillery.

The technological leadership of LR-PGK

The LR-PGK embodies excellence in anti-jamming technology, integrating advanced algorithms and signal processing techniques to rapidly detect and counter adversary electronic warfare attempts. This capability is essential for maintaining the effectiveness and reliability of indirect fire, even in the most hostile environments. By consolidating the precision of 155 mm projectiles, the LR-PGK minimizes the dispersion traditionally associated with cannon artillery, offering an effective and economical precision strike solution.

Innovation and precision: at the heart of the LR-PGK

The LR-PGK’s major innovation lies in its innovative guidance system, which combines enhanced GPS navigation with a roll-stabilized guidance unit and a sophisticated antenna array. This integrated technology, combined with a proven variable-deflection canard control method, enables advanced in-flight trajectory corrections, dramatically increasing accuracy and reducing the risk of collateral damage.

LR-PGK from BAE Systems

Response to electronic warfare threats

Faced with adversaries who are continually perfecting their electronic warfare systems, the LR-PGK is a forward-looking solution, ready to respond to current and future threats. Its design takes into account the latest tactics, techniques and procedures, ensuring that joint fire capabilities remain an effective pillar on today’s digitized battlefield.

A heritage of precision and efficiency

Drawing on BAE Systems’ considerable experience in creating laser guidance kits such as the APKWS®, the LR-PGK enhances maneuverability and accuracy while integrating anti-GPS jamming capability. This fusion of technologies enables greater precision at long range, optimizing operational efficiency and reducing the cost and quantity of ammunition needed to neutralize a threat.

Adaptability and modularity

The LR-PGK has been designed with sufficient design margin and modularity to align with gun modernization strategies, aiming for increased range and improved lethality targets. This flexibility ensures that the system can evolve in line with future requirements, ensuring its long-term relevance and effectiveness.

Contributing to an integrated combat strategy

BAE Systems’ development of the LR-PGK illustrates a deep commitment to innovation in response to contemporary battlefield challenges. Incorporating decades of experience in precision engagement, the LR-PGK is a key element enabling armed forces to remain one step ahead of technological evolution, effectively responding to sophisticated threats and enhancing their ability to conduct precise and decisive military operations.

Towards a secure future

BAE Systems’ LR-PGK is positioned as a cutting-edge technological solution, essential for effective military operations in an ever-changing electronic warfare landscape. Its ability to provide a robust response to electronic jamming attempts, while improving artillery accuracy and reliability, makes it an indispensable asset for today’s forces. With the LR-PGK, BAE Systems is redefining the standards of precision artillery, giving militaries the tools they need to dominate the modern battlefield and ensure lasting operational superiority.

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