New CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL

New CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL

Discover the CityAirbus NextGen, Airbus’ innovative electric eVTOL, foreshadowing the future of urban air mobility with efficiency and silence.

Airbus takes a decisive step forward in advanced air mobility with the unveiling of its CityAirbus NextGen prototype, an electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL). This development marks a significant breakthrough, heralding a new era of ecological and efficient urban transport. This article details the innovative aspects of the CityAirbus NextGen, its potential impact on urban mobility and Airbus’ strategic ambitions in this emerging field.

CityAirbus NextGen innovation and technology

The CityAirbus NextGen presents itself as a promising solution to mobility challenges in major metropolises. With a wingspan of around 40 feet, it is designed for a flight range of 50 miles and a cruising speed of 75 MPH. These features make it ideal for a variety of urban missions, from passenger transport to emergency service applications, offering a fast, quiet and direct emissions-free alternative.

Donauwörth test center: a cornerstone for eVTOL

Located in Donauwörth, Germany, the new CityAirbus test center is a key element in Airbus’ commitment to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). The center is dedicated to testing the systems required for eVTOLs, including electric motors and avionics. The commissioning of this site illustrates Airbus’ ongoing investment in innovation and sustainable development.

New CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL

Optimized acoustics for urban missions

Acoustics is a crucial aspect of urban operations. Airbus integrates its expertise in low-noise design to ensure that the CityAirbus NextGen maintains noise levels below 65 dB(A) during overflight and less than 70 dB(A) during landing. This attention to noise aims to minimize the acoustic impact in urban environments, facilitating its integration into cities without disrupting the daily lives of citizens.

Towards sustainable urban air mobility

The CityAirbus NextGen is more than just an aircraft; it represents a vision of the future where urban mobility is sustainable, efficient and in harmony with the needs of urban populations. By eliminating direct emissions and significantly reducing noise, this eVTOL aligns with the goals of sustainable urban development and a reduced carbon footprint.

Strategic partnerships for an AAM ecosystem

Airbus isn’t just developing a new aircraft; the company is also building a network of global partnerships to support a viable advanced air mobility ecosystem. The recent collaboration with LCI underscores this commitment, exploring innovative business models and commercialization strategies that will be crucial to the widespread adoption of eVTOLs.

Shaping the future of urban mobility

Airbus’ CityAirbus NextGen embodies a major advance towards transformed urban mobility, offering a fresh perspective on air transport in cities. With its technological advances, commitment to sustainability and potential to revolutionize urban transport, Airbus is at the forefront of innovation in aeronautics. This ambitious project not only reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, but also paves the way for a new era in which urban air mobility is synonymous with speed, efficiency and respect for the environment.

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