Russia uses decoys after heavy aircraft losses

Russia uses decoys after heavy aircraft losses

Russia paints decoys of fighter jets on its runways to fool Ukraine, but this tactic is compromised by obvious tactical errors.

Decoy and reality on Russian runways

Russian forces have adopted a peculiar tactic on their airfields, painting dummy fighter jets on the tarmac in a bid to fool Ukrainian forces. This maneuver is designed to disguise Russia’s true air capabilities and protect its aircraft from strikes. However, this strategy seems to have its flaws, particularly when helicopters land on these painted silhouettes, negating the desired decoy effect. This tactical error offers direct insight into the real air forces present on these bases, reducing the effectiveness of the deception.

Significant losses for the Russian Air Force

The Russian air force has suffered significant losses in recent weeks, with the destruction of numerous aircraft, including Su-34 bombers, Su-35 fighters and a rare A-50 spy plane. These losses are attributed to Ukraine’s successful strikes on Russian military positions, prompting Russia to adopt techniques of decoy and deception. These efforts are aimed at complicating the task of Ukrainian forces in targeting genuine military air assets.

Russia uses decoys after heavy aircraft losses

Implications of Western F-16s

The imminent arrival of F-16 jets, supplied by the West to Ukraine, could considerably alter the balance of air capabilities in the region. These aircraft, technologically superior to the Soviet models used by Ukraine, have been declared by Vladimir Putin as legitimate targets for Russia. The impact of these jets on Ukraine’s air capabilities is eagerly awaited, both for their potential to improve combat effectiveness and for their symbolism in Western support for Ukraine.

Strategic consequences

The war in Ukraine is characterized by a series of strategic and tactical maneuvers on both sides, in which disinformation and deception play a key role. Russia’s attempts to conceal its air losses and deceive Ukraine with decoys reveal the challenges it faces on the battlefield. At the same time, Ukraine continues to target strategic objectives, such as the Crimean city of Sevastopol, underlining the importance of air superiority in this protracted conflict.

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