The pioneers of satellite positioning in the aerospace and defense industry

satellite positioning

Discover the leading companies in innovation for satellite positioning in aerospace and defense, essential for navigation and security.

The aerospace and defense industry is constantly evolving, driven by the urgent need for modernization and the growing importance of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and unmanned systems. With over 237,000 patents filed and granted in the last three years, this industry is distinguished by continuous innovation.

Innovation and Trajectory

Phases of innovation

The evolution of innovations often follows an S-shaped curve, reflecting their life cycle from emergence to accelerated adoption and stabilization. Identifying an innovation’s stage is crucial to understanding its current level of adoption and anticipating its future impact.

Outstanding innovations

According to GlobalData’s analysis, 110 innovations will shape the future of the aerospace and defense industry. Among them, satellite positioning, GPS augmentation and LiDAR-sonar fusion stand out as emerging technologies to watch closely. Other areas, such as LiDAR weather forecasting and LiDAR solid-state photodetectors, are seeing increasing adoption.

satellite positioning

Satellite positioning at the heart of the IoT

Role and applications

Satellite positioning uses systems such as the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to determine the position of an object on Earth. Essential for navigation, autonomous vehicles, asset tracking and location-based services, this technology is at the heart of many modern applications.

Innovation leaders

More than 20 companies, including technology providers, established aerospace and defense players, and start-ups, have distinguished themselves in the development of satellite positioning. Boeing, for example, has filed several patents relating to the simultaneous detection, acquisition and use of satellite signals. Other notable companies include Qualcomm, Robert Bosch Stiftung and NVIDIA.

Patent analysis and geographical impact

Patent volume and diversity

The analysis shows a wide variety in the number of patents filed per company, with key players such as Huawei and Boeing leading the pack. The diversity of applications, from precise navigation to national defense, illustrates the breadth of innovation in this field.

Geographic reach

Companies such as NVIDIA, Samsung and Qualcomm stand out for the geographical scope of their patents, a sign of their ambition to deploy their innovations worldwide.

The aerospace and defense industry is at a technological convergence point, where satellite positioning plays a crucial role. The innovation efforts of industry leaders, coupled with the accelerated adoption of these technologies, promise to transform navigation and security capabilities on a global scale. As we witness the emergence of these innovations, their successful integration into practical applications will be decisive for the future of the industry.

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